What is an ARC reader?
An ARC reader is an elected volunteer who receives an Advanced Reader Copy of a pre-published book in return for an honest review. 
Why should I become an ARC reader?
Becoming an ARC reader means that you will receive a FREE copy of my book before anyone else does. This is not only a cost-effective way to read but it also helps me, the author, once my book is released. 
What will I need to do as an ARC reader?
As an ARC reader, you will need to sign up to a mailing list, so that I can send you a digital copy of my book. After receiving the digital copy, you will need to read it then provide an honest review, once the book has been published, on book review sites such as Amazon, Goodreads, etc. 
Is there anything else I should know? 
Unfortunately, there is a limit on how many ARC readers I can have. As it is, I am currently accepting fifteen readers for the position, preferably, but not limited to, those who have reviewed books in the past. These readers should be aware that any reproducing/printing/sharing of my work is prohibited, and, in signing up, they agree to terms and conditions of use.
IF THIS SOUNDS LIKE YOU please submit your name, email address and any relevant information of your book reviewing/writing experience in the space below.
I can't wait to have you onboard! 

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